Thank You Delta Bingo & Gaming Downsview & Bingo World & Gaming Richmond Hill


Hydrocephalus Canada (HC) would like to thank Delta Bingo & Gaming Downsview and Bingo World & Gaming Richmond Hill for their ongoing support of programs and services in the GTA and York regions. The funds generated through bingo sessions throughout the year support HC support programs for children, youth, adults and seniors. We at Hydrocephalus Canada are grateful for this financial support, the bingo hall staff and our dedicated volunteers who make it all happen.

The funds received from these local bingo events continue to provide the hydrocephalus and spina bifida communities in the GTA and York region with a supportive, welcoming and encouraging outlet. A place where those impacted by hydrocephalus and spina bifida can be comfortable in sharing their experiences, coping strategies, develop meaningful connections and networking opportunities. Funds raised through bingo events also support HC awareness activities, the resource centre and lending library and the Kidz & Youth Book club.   

“Without the Hydrocephalus Canada community, I wouldn’t have made the majority of the friends I have made throughout my time there. Although I have lost contact with a few of them, attending events like the annual general meetings give me the chance to meet new faces. I like attending events targeted towards hydrocephalus, as I said before it is nice to see people who have gone through similar situations you have gone through & bounce things off of. These programs helped me through challenging times, distracted me from my own pains/struggles. I also gained a purpose to support the organization by collecting donations. I get to help out a cause I love.” Adriana C. from York region
Toronto HC member and volunteer, Leslie C. talks about the social opportunities and connecting with others in the community:
“Taster’s club gave me a chance to go out and associate with different people within the community, and also meet some members who I didn’t see very often”
Leslie further talks about how the events helped her engage with the adults of the community. She felt it was important for the adults be engaged in dialogue with one another. Leslie comments:
“My main objective [with the adult network] was giving the adults something that was pretty much adult driven. The parents don’t realize that the little one will one day become adults.”
Our efforts at Hydrocephalus Canada are greatly needed and appreciated by the communities we serve. Being able to offer these specific opportunities would not be possible without the support of Delta Bingo & Gaming Downsview and Bingo World & Gaming Richmond Hill. The connections we make within the community often create lifelong relationships. Many members of the hydrocephalus and spina bifida maintain direct contact with us through our events and meetings and love seeing our organization grow. Asked about the community and support Hydrocephalus Canada brings, Adriana says:
“With the support of HC I have achieved more knowledge of my condition and ways I can manage my everyday life. I have also gained more friendships and support. Everyone from the staff to the board to all the members I have met throughout the years are like family to me. I do not know where I would be if I didn’t have the support of HC and everyone involved.”