Purpose: To act as a voting member of the Board with full authority and responsibility to develop policies for Hydrocephalus Canada (“HC”); to monitor the organization’s financial health, programs and overall performance; and to provide staff with the support needed to serve the organization’s constituencies.

The Full Board’s Responsibilities:

  • Establish policy
  • Hire and evaluate staff as required
  • Secure adequate funding for the organization
  • Monitor finances
  • Update a long-range plan for the organization
  • Adopt key operating policies; approve contracts as appropriate

Individual Board Member’s Duties:

  • Attend Board meetings regularly
  • Become knowledgeable about the organization
  • Attend Board meetings prepared and informed about agenda issues
  • Contribute to meetings by expressing a point of view
  • Assist with personnel management as required
  • Consider other points of view, make constructive suggestions and help the Board make decisions that benefit the organization’s members
  • Assist in fundraising efforts and initiatives
  • Serve on at least one committee
  • Promote the organization to individuals, the public and other organizations in a positive and professional manner
  • Support the organization through attendance at special events and activities
  • Assume Board leadership roles when asked

Many skills are welcome, however, preferred skills include:

  • Fundraising
  • Event Planning
  • Marketing
  • Communications/Media Relations
  • Government Relations

Time Commitment:

Board meetings:  Approximately one hour per month via conference call, making participation across Canada easy.

Committee meetings:  Ad hoc

Annual General Meeting: September/October                 6 hours

The time spent in preparation and committee work is dependent on the individual’s involvement

Please send your resume and/or CV to boardrecruitment@hydrocephalus.ca

Deadline – September 6, 2019


About Hydrocephalus Canada

We are collaborative and supportive Board working towards achieving the primary purpose and goals of Hydrocephalus Canada. We are grateful for the support, dedication and work of our talented staff and the deep engagement of our members. We have a rich history as an Ontario-based organization operating for over forty years and are looking to expand and diversify the skillset of our Board to take our organization to the next level and our reach beyond Ontario across Canada, having recently become a national organization.  We are excited to welcome and work with new directors to achieve our vision.

Our Purpose

Hydrocephalus Canada is the voice of Canadians living with hydrocephalus and spina bifida. We empower those impacted by these conditions to experience the best life possible by establishing environments that protect those at risk of developing hydrocephalus and support and enhance the lives of those living with hydrocephalus and spina bifida.

Hydrocephalus Canada is a trusted source for compassionate, progressive and innovative solutions. We focus our efforts on four areas of influence: awareness, education, support and research.

Hydrocephalus Canada develops education resources, support tools and services for individuals affected, their caregivers and healthcare professionals.

Hydrocephalus Canada is leading the efforts to:

  • increase awareness about hydrocephalus and spina bifida
  • create solutions to support prevention, early, accurate diagnosis, access to safe, effective and appropriate treatment, advancement of new treatments, optimal health outcomes
  • develop education resources and support tools for patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals
  • establish supportive communities that encourage inclusive, proactive conversations and activities
  • fund meaningful, impactful research



Hydrocephalus Canada holds directors and officer’s liability insurance.