It’s the 11th Annual Jackson’s Hope Fore Hydrocephalus
Charity Golf Tournament



portrait of Jackson in golf shirt and white hat

Thank you for your support


Jackson has the most amazing zest for life. It amazes his friends and family every day how strong and resilient he is. He has a very big and passionate heart and a larger than life personality!

Jackson was diagnosed with hydrocephalus at the age of four months. Two months later the doctors at Sick Kids operated on him to implant a shunt to drain the dangerous build-up of cerebral spinal fluid from his brain. 

The uncertainty around hydrocephalus is one of the greatest challenges. Every day of Jackson’s life, another surgery could be needed. It’s tough to walk on egg shells all the time but I take it day by day and try to remember it could always be worse. 

Jackson told me that his last surgery was the scariest one for him because he could feel so much pain. That was really tough to hear.

Hydrocephalus Canada has been a great support to our family by providing literature about hydrocephalus, children’s books that help Jackson understand and cope with the condition, and a toll-free help and information line. Connecting with other families in the same situation has also helped. I have an amazing friend whose son also has hydrocephalus, and any time one of the boys has an issue or concern, we lean on each other. 

On Saturday, June 15, 2019, we will be holding the 11th Annual Jackson’s Hope Fore Hydrocephalus golf tournament at The Shelburne Golf & Country Club. We will be donating a portion of the proceeds to Hydrocephalus Canada, an organization near and dear to our hearts. Since the first event took place in 2009, we are proud to say we have raised over $28,500 for Hydrocephalus Canada!

Any contribution you can make, big or small is greatly appreciated! Your support benefits thousands of individuals like Jackson and their families, who are impacted by hydrocephalus all across Canada.

For more information on the golf tournament, you can contact Tammy Selkirk at:


Saturday, June 15, 2019
Shelburne Golf & Country Club
Registration: Noon
Tee off: 1 pm
Dinner: 6 pm